TG-UserBot’s Documentation

About the UserBot

TG-UserBot is a modular Python script for Telegram which uses the Telethon library. It is made to help you do your usual client tasks without the hassle and also has some additional useful features. If a command is documented, it will be on the Available commands page including it’s description with an example if any.


Where to look

Everything is self-contained into it’s own catergory and can be accessed from the sidebar or by using the Previous or Next buttons at the end of the page. Main topics are listed below accordingly.

  • Beginners guide: A follow along guide to set-up everything correctly.
  • Available commands: All the available UserBot commands will be listed on this page.
  • FAQ: Most commonly asked questions will be answered on here, hopefully you find what you’re looking for on here.

Looking for the details on the code itself?

  • Modules: All the modules (smart plugins) and their functions can be found here with their descriptions.
  • Helper functions: All the functions used to reduce bloat in multiple modules can be found here with their examples.
  • Utilities: Utilities used to keep the bot organized and clean.
  • Creating your own command: Examples to create your own commands can be found here.

If you want to report an issue, have any feedbacks/suggestions or want to discuss something then you may join the support group on Telegram.